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General inquiries:
You can reach me at

Q: When is Bleeding Moons coming out?
A: 2019 is the year!

Q: Who is your publisher?
A: Bleeding Moons is published by Phoenix Online Publishing of well renown (Cognition, The Last Door, Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary...)

Q: Can I share a Bleeding Moons review or a Let's Play?
A: Yes, you can. Please be kind and add a link to the game, especially if you liked it!

Q: How can I do a review of Bleeding Moons?
A: Please contact for review codes.

Q: I have a technical problem with Bleeding Moons. Can you help?
A: The least I can do is try to. Send me an email and I'll have a look. Alternatively, you can try reaching too.

Q: Can I send love mail/hate mail?
A: Of course, you can. As long it's written in proper English. No SMS style, please.